Dr. Yair KramerHave you been feeling overwhelmed or discouraged? Are you looking for a safe space to explore solutions? I’ll partner with you to understand the obstacles you’re facing in life and help you discover ways to overcome them.

My Approach As an experienced clinical psychologist my  approach is interactive, warm, and open. I strive to create a comfortable and supportive space for you to begin to address the challenges you are facing. Whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, family conflicts, career challenges, or other dilemmas, I would like to help you find a less painful and more meaningful and satisfying way to overcome these challenges and live your life more fully.

Getting Started You can start by contacting me by phone at (914) 450-5797 or by email at yair@dryairkramer.com. I know the first contact can be intimidating but it’s well worth it. I encourage you to call me for a free phone consultation to begin the process of self exploration, growth, and healing.