Yair’s Approach

Yair is a clinical psychologist with experience working with people to create more meaningful and satisfying lives. Yair specializes in helping people find the connection between the difficult feelings they are having in life and the patterns happening to them in relationships that contribute to those feelings.

In individual therapy, Yair helps clients understand how past relationships are affecting what they’re struggling with now – and what might be getting in the way of getting the love and closeness that they’re looking to get. Many of Yair’s clients are single individuals who are trying to figure out how to get what they want in relationships, and what might be getting in the way. Through their work together, Yair helps them understand the context of their struggles and how their past may have influenced their current relationships to gain insight and realize changes.

Among couples, common challenges Yair sees include infidelity, general unhappiness in relationships, feeling unheard, anger issues and fighting, and disagreements around next steps in a relationship such as marriage and children. The basis of his work is centered around helping couples understand how they get caught up in cycles, and to help them realize they’re on the same team even if they feel in fight or flight mode and develop compassion for why the other person is reacting so harshly to ways they’re reacting. Yair sees couples of all walks of life, including those who are dating, married, and separated. His practice welcomes both heterosexual and same-sex couples.

While Yair’s primary focus is relationship issues, he is also trained in the treatment of anxiety and depression, and uses a combination of behavioral interventions to help clients make and see immediate changes, as well as deeper insight work to understand the sources of these struggles.